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BMPCC universal viewfinder


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I was curious if anyone knows a viewfinder that works for the BMPCC but would work with other cameras later? I've searched a while and could't find many options except the Kinotehnik and the Zacuto but have no idea if these would work on say, my GH3 or whatever else. I know they are made for a 3.5" screen but I suppose that could be worked around as long as the mount is universal.


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I used the Zacuto BMPCC VF on my D750 and it was fine. Not a perfect fit, but can still access the buttons on the back of the D750 although it does obscure them a bit. The Zacuto BMPCC VF comes with 2 Adhesive Frames as well.

Very easy to take off if you decide you don't want to use it any more as well.

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