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(very) Cheap Analog audio transmitter

Finn Schäuble

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Hey, I am looking for a real cheap alternative for the Senheiser Bodypacks  (gw3 or whatever they are called, you know what I am talking about) 

I already have a couple of those, but I want to build a really cheap/small/effective way of sending audio (LTC) Timecode to multiple cameras (14 at the same time).  The cameras are spaced quiet far from another so we cannot run cables.

The LTC Timecode will be generated by a smartphone (I programmed my own App for that) and then send out to a transmitter, with small receivers on the cameras, doing this with the senheisers would be total overkill since audio Quality does not really matter. 


Not that it matters, cameras will all be FS700 without external recorders. 

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AT made (or makes) a sub $150 wireless, came with lav, some included a handheld mic, and transmitter & receiver. I ended up with one somehow, it was "OK" at normal distances, some BG noise and hiss. Compared to a G3 it was pretty sad, but lots of you tubers use them. Hey, Full Compass sells it so it must be pro, right??


Anyway, they're likely all over eBay (they've been made for years). I still have one, but the line out is screwey, only outputs audio from the headphone jack.

I assume your problem isn't just "cheap" but that you need 14 units that will all pick up from one transmitter - I don't know if that's even possible with off-the-shelf wireless though? WiFi is likely the future for wireless, I'd expect you could get someone to build you something for far less than the money you'd spend to test off-the-shelf wireless stuff.

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