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NX1 And Samsung Lenses Compared With Still "Bygones."


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C'mon, it's NOT April yet - comparing a six (6) year old 5d II with what? Oh yes, with an dubious adaptor. And it did not stop there, this guy could not even deliver sharp  pictures with a biiig tripod...


I have no doubt that the Samsung is an interesting product, but nonsense like this did not help to built up any reputation...

sry for the rant, but this is not a test, it's a joke ( politely formulated)


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Perhaps a slightly over enthusiastic opinion of this camera, as it's way to early to tell exactly where it stands, but I personally wouldn't call his article a joke, even if I do own the camera. There is no denying, this is the most technically advanced mirror less camera on the market. Although not perfect, because nothing is, it offers a tremendous amount of lee-way for development by an absolute powerhouse that is Samsung. In my own opinion, this is the camera I've been looking for, true it has some major flaws that need to be worked out, but if Samsung's forth coming update is any indication of how they will stand behind this product, I'm all in.

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Come on now -- it's a first look, not a definitive review. 

EOS HD is really about video, and honestly, Andrew is going to do a better job looking at the NX1 than anyone else.  The SLR Lounge article was really for the photographers who dabble in video as opposed to the EOS HD crowd.

@tupp: The A7S is a better camera for video, but the A7R is the better camera for still images.  Look at DXOMark's scores.  So for low-light high-res images, the A7R (and D810) is the camera to beat.  The A7S does a very good job with low-light video, but actually the leap over the competition in low-light stills isn't as high.  The reason for the 5D2 was that the 5D3 is better than the 5D2 in stills in low light, but not for stills in good light (see the link to Dpreview's comparator).  The 5D3 is way better than the 5D2 for video, but again, I'll leave it to Andrew to do a more definitive video review (although his current articles are already pretty convincing imho).


@Wulf.  The A7r is infamous for the shutter slap due to the lack of EFCS.



Still photographers don't use huge Sachtler or Miller heads.  They're using ultra-lightweight ballheads, of which Markins is considered one of the best.  You don't see that shutter slap on the 5D Mark 2.  The shutter slap combined with ultra high resolution no-anti-aliasing free sensors make these small perturbations a problem.  I did not use long-lens technique a la Moose Peterson (http://www.moosepeterson.com/techtips/longlens.html) to ensure that I wasn't going to be biased and be "better" with one camera over another.


@Steve.  Thanks.  I would still say that I'm very enthusiastic about the sensor.  If Samsung did the same thing with a 12MP FF sensor, there is no doubt it would beat the A7S.  They picked 28MP for marketing reasons, but are able to justify the resolution/output.  I am going to be overly enthusiastic though -- that's the opinion part of the article.  At the bottom of the screen, you can see that I've been a Canon fan for years -- they're just not keeping pace anymore.


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Ok, of course I'm a joke, too.

Happy testing.


(PS: Regarding sharpness, I wasn't aware of this issue with the A7r, but since human thinking no Sony still cam could have competited with a Canikon, neither in functionallity, lowlight in equal resolution, autofocus nor colourscience, even if they shared the same sensor. No free lunch, unfortunately, as I like the A-series. BTW, still photogs should use the right tripod for the job, not the lightest one, if possible, but I got lost I think, so no hard feelings, keep on, I will end here )


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@wulf: Haha, no hard feelings -- you have to have thick skin to participate in online forums.  :)

You bring up good points -- all valid.  It's just hard to test everything comprehensively.  My goal was to generate discussion and back it up with objective facts.  You hit it spot on.  I bought the A7R hoping it would augment my Canon, and to be frank, I don't like the colors from the A7R that much and the Canon is just 100% more consistent.  What's pretty cool is that the Samsung is doing pretty good in my hands with the bonus of 4K and maybe the bonus of novelty, but the results are just as workable.

As always, the best thing is novelty. In my hands, it's really hard to do 4K manual focus. You get "critical sharpness" with the stepper AF of the Samsung and you get "pretty sharp" even with my Leica primes just because the ability to discern what's in and out of focus.

What's been very cool is that the NX1 produces home videos that look better than the 4K demo clips used by Sony/Samsung/LG to sell TVs at Best Buy.

Think about what the 5D Mark II did for video.  Back then, you just had the Sony EX1 with Letus adapters, etc.

The world has changed again.  But think about 4K?  FS700+Odyssey 7Q?  Red?  The original Scarlet 3K for $3k was destroyed by the 5D Mark II.  A camera like the NX1 is going to be great because it pushes *your* favorite manufacturer to work a little harder in 4k. :)


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all valuable thoughs and much more interesting than unsharp pics of electronic trash :-)


make a blog

share your thoughs, your problems with your cam, your solutions, _your_ unique personal experience and last not least the shots you really want to share.

Oh, I see you have just started allready in your last post? fine

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