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anamorphot möller -wedel 63/2x


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[quote author=Mirrorkisser link=topic=815.msg5860#msg5860 date=1338906023]
I can get it relatively cheap.[/quote]

How much do they want for it?

A quick search shows that another one just like it sold on eBay last year for US$61, which is not the price of a lens that is in demand. That's not to say that you can't have some fun with it, but it looks like a big antique projector lens designed for projecting 35mm film. Minimum focusing distance will probably not be very good without the use of diopters and if you really want to attach it to a camera properly, you'll have to get something like a Velbon SPT-1 and a lens support (you probably will not know the diameter until you can measure it yourself), a 35mm anamorphic clamp, as well as some step rings. That is going to be an investment of time and money in itself.

I took these steps to breathe some life into my Hypergonar (also a 35mm projection lens), and it creates a wonderful image BUT it's not easy to use (dual-focusing is required, and often difficult to achieve). I am glad that I did it but I don't think that I will go to the trouble of doing it again.

So it all depends on what you are looking for!
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Thank you very much for your reply!

I would get it for 40 Euros.

Do you have any other suggestions for anamorphots going well with the canon FD series?

It really sounds like a lot of work to get the anamorphot going, but when i see the beautiful outcome, i am absolutely willing to go that way.
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Andrew's anamorphic guide is helpful, and so is this: http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Anamorphic_Lenses

If you are trying to stick to that price point, you're looking at the big, 35mm film projector lens adapters and perhaps some obscure smaller adapters. If you are willing to spend a couple hundred Euros, there are many lenses in the size and price range of the Kowa Prominar 8z (or 16H; same lens). They are smaller, more manageable adapters with many of the same qualities as the big 35s.

I'd recommend trying to find footage shot with any lens that you are considering so that you can decide if you like the visual characteristics that it offers. If you can't find any footage, it's possible that no one has really tested it yet with a modern camera and you might have an opportunity to be the first (or one of the first) to "discover" a new lens -- this is one of my favorite things about using antique glass.
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