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How to get raw video on Canon 50D with Magic Lantern v2.3 ?


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Hi everyone,

Not sure if it's the right place to ask my question.

I bought The EOSHD 50D Raw Shooter's Guide, I installed Magic Lantern v2.3 on my Canon 50D and I don't find the raw video in the Movie tab. Also the "M" tab modules it's not there. How I can get raw video with the 50D ?



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the version you installed doesn't have a raw module.

you need the nightly build for your camera which includes all the modules you need. the raw one too.

http://builds.magiclantern.fm/#/ download the 50D 109

Make sure you have the same canon firmware though!

Unistall magic lantern and install this one

I hope it helps .

Also read it here for all the info:


Make sure you have a fast card if you want record raw.

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