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Help me choose a new camera...


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Okay, I've been away for a little while now and haven't been keeping an eye on the DSLR video world lately. I've been working at a small CGI animation studio and haven't even been able to shoot video lately. I'm a bit behind the times now. So, here's the thing, I'm going to be traveling soon and I want o shoot some cool travel-log stuff but my current camera isn't going to cut it.


So, I've been thinking about getting a new camera. Currently I have a GH1 and it's a bit long in the tooth (whatever that means). It's not a bad camera but it gets really bad in low light, I'm kind of over the Micro 4/3 crop, and The image is always shaky and rolling shutter-y when head held. So I've been looking around to find a new camera but I don't know any of the video specs of all the newest cameras and the photography blogs aren't helping me out at all. ;-)


I have a very specific needs from said camera though:   


- First is low light. I'd really like to be able to shoot at the beach or at bars or clubs in the evenings and this is just not the thing for my GH1. I've seen nice things done with the GH2/3/4 so far, but nothing that's really impressive as far as low light. I don't need to get into A7S/full frame/night for day territory but I do need to capture the moment in less that ideal lighting situations.


- Second is image stabilization. In body would be the best like the OMD EM5 but the 30 FPS only limitation is a deal breaker for me. my hands are really shaky. Even when using my stabilizing shoulder brace. A lot of my lenses are on the longer side so that just exacerbates the situation.  Most of the footage that I shoot with my GH1 is just jiggly, wobbly, jello-vision. I'm hoping to find a camera that can help me out here.


- Third is 1080/24p. Pretty obvious here. As I just said, If it only shoots in 30p, it's an instant deal breaker for me. I'd also like to be able to shoot at 1080/60p or higher.


Fourth is small size. I'll be traveling with it soon and I can't be caring around an extra camera bag. I'd love to be able to slip a small interchangeable lens camera and maybe an extra lens or two in my backpack and that's all. Nice discreet, run and gun shooting.


- a few other things: I'd like to step up to APS-C. I was fine with M3/4 for the most part about a year ago but now… Not so much. I'm really trying to get nice shallow depth of field without having to spend a ton of money on  sub f/2.0 lenses.  If there was another m4/3 camera that had all of the above features, I might consider it but on the whole I'd like to go APS-C. Video image quality should be good and codec needs to be as high as possible but again, I'm willing to take a slight hit on this if the other features a there too. Other fancy features like Wi-Fi, touch screen and OLED viewfinders are not really so important to me.


-I have a small collection of older Pentax, Minolta and Nikon lenses that I'll be adapting and using. This makes the inclusion of in-body OIS even more important as I don't own any lenses with OIS. Actually, do have one but it's just the basic kit lens for my GH1 that will not be coming along for the ride.


I've been looking at the NEX line but I can't seem to find enough information on the stuff I've mentioned here. I'd love to see what you guys think of them.


Thanks for any help you can give me! 

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Well, the recent Sony a6000 sounds close to what you are looking for, except that you won't get in-body estabilisation. Yes to APS-C, small form factor, good low light performance, AVCHD -though a good implementation of the codec-, 24p-25p-30p-50p-60p, relatively free of moire and aliasing and with decent rolling shutter.


Frankly, in-body estabilisation is yet an oddity in the video world. The Panasonic GX7 has it for stills, though it can't be enabled in video mode and the sensor is m4/3. I don't know any other mirrorless/small dslr with such feature apart from the Olympus OM-D line. Besides, in-body stabilization always results in a somewhat degraded image quality.


Why not go for some pocket interchangeable lens camera (BMPC, Panasonic GM1, RX100M3, or even a5000 or a6000) and then add something like this:

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I see. Thats to bad. I thought by now it'd be more prevalent by now. In body stabilization has the advantage of working with any lens. I'm sure lens based stabilization is superior in some way but I would have to buy all new lenses and I'm not to keen on that.

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