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GH4 firmware update probelm


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I kind of feel stupid asking but is anyone else having trouble installing the new firmware on the GH4? I have done firmware updates many times with GH2 and GH3 so I like to think I know what I am doing (yes, I have checked battery, formatted, copied to top level of SD card etc etc) but hitting play doesnt bring up the usual firmware screen - it just says no valid picture...


I also tried to update my lens firmware through the GH4 the other day. Same problem. Had to update them through the GH4 which worked fine.


Any ideas?

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Hi there, silly question here....I recently bought a GH4 and I want to update it to the latest firmware. My current firmware is 1.1. 

The question is, do I need to download the version 2.0, install it, then download the version 2.1 and install it, and then finally download the version 2.2, and install it, to get the latest version? Or I can just download the 2.2 directly?

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