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Magic Lantern RAW video going to be much easier – FFMPEG now officially supports .mlv

Ergo Zjeci

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MLV+Audio Native play in new version off ASSIMILATE Scratch

Also posted today on the Magic Lantern forums…


MLV+Audio Native play in new version off ASSIMILATE Scratch

I had the confirmation today from one member of the assimilate team, that they implemented the mlv+audio playback in their software.

so you can consider this is a good standart !

for those who dont know >



assimilate is a grading tool not a viewer,

it means native read of the .mlv file + audio import and grading. not only viewer …

ASSIMILATE went on the 4th innovation rank on the NAB 2014.

So it seems Magic Lantern is becoming more and more mainstream!

(cover photo credit: snap from the Magic Lantern forums)

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this app supports the .mlv files and its 90 days free of use 


here is some tutorial




This short tutorial explains how you can quickly create looks in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow using the "3 stripes" method (quiet similar to the "Technicolor 3 stripes process"). This is also the occasion to have a quick look at how Blending modes can be used in a color grading context.
Now it's your time to explore and experiment !



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