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Moving On From a Samsung NX500 Into Better Things for Vlogging AND Photography...Help please!!

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Hi everyone! I've been working on selling my Samsung NX 500 mirrorless camera (28.2mp white) on Ebay and FB marketplace in hopes to invest in a new camera that will do the job for both vlogging and photography. I have a relatively new YouTube channel (called J and Ray) and wanted to slightly upgrade my camera to have some features I find more important. [I've been using my Samsung S20 for vlogs thus far].

Some requirements I have for a better camera include a decent megapixel count, good autofocus, option for external mic (3.5mm headphone jack), wifi/Bluetooth capability preferred, 1080p and 4k (hopefully not a big crop, and with decent autofocus), a flip out screen, and I guess an aesthetically pleasing camera under $1k.

I've been watching and reading reviews on these cameras:

Sony ZV-1

Canon EOS M50

Canon G7X Mark iii

Sony A6100

Fujifilm TX200

I'm currently really actively eyeing the Sony ZV-1 and Canon EOS M50, and can't decide on the tradeoffs of interchangeable lens, higher MP, uncropped 4K, user friendliness, etc. Any recommendations or advice about these 2 and which one would be better, OR recs for other camera choices, would be greatly appreciated and super helpful!!

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If I had $1k to spend on a photo/video hybrid, I'd go with a used XT3. They are easy to find in the $850-$900 range. Directly compared to the NX1 (same sensor as the NX500), the XT3 has more detailed video, much more dynamic range, lower rolling shutter, much better ISO performance, and a larger variety of good color profiles, all of which look great.

Photos have slightly fewer MP, but other than that there are no downsides for photography in my experience.

I'm not a fan of the XT3's ergonomics, but I think it's pretty similar to the NX500. Samsung's menus are better though. The downside though is the screen doesn't flip out, so it's not ideal for vlogging.


Having not used any of the cameras you listed:

- Sony ZV1 and G7X have a fixed lens. That would be pretty limiting. If you wanted, for example, to have a macro shot in a vlog, any interchangeable lens camera can do that with a cheap extension tube, but you'd be out of luck with a fixed lens.

- M50 has a massive crop in 4k. I would consider this a 1080p only camera. Canon's are usually pretty reliable and easy to use, but I wouldn't want a 1080p camera at this point, not for that price.

- Sony A6100 might be okay, but I've really disliked the A6xxx series. But honestly not a bad option. I would rather have the NX500 than an A6100 though, to be completely honest.

- Fuji XT200 would be good, if you want to save off the XT3. It has a flip out screen as well. This might be my pick from your list for vlogging and photography. Might want to check the AF performance reviews though, as that's not something I'm familiar with on this model.

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