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Sony A6000 announced


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Sony Alpha Rumors:


Steve Huff:


More claims of the "world's fastest autofocus" ... would be delighted if that were true, but with the OM-D line having the world's fastest autofocus and the Fuji X-T1 also having the world's fastest autofocus (and neither of them being as fast as high end DSLR's, which, if you hadn't heard, have the world's fastest autofocus), surely someone has to be bluffing, right?

Tiny, though, and cheap! $650 body only/$800 kit lens. So far I see an AVCHD badge on the back ( :( ) and confirmation that there's no IBIS ( :( :(), but still, $650 is a hell of a price point for that size/sensor combo.

Interesting few weeks of announcements!

edit - clean HDMI out according to DPReview. So that's something (I guess).

edit 2 - read the DPR piece (http://***URL removed***/previews/sony-alpha-a6000/). Doesn't seem to be anything to get excited about for video but is it possibly a compelling stills camera?

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Here you can see the movie recording button, which Sony keeps moving further away from the back panel, in order to prevent users from accidentally pressing it. The downside: now it's too hard to press.

source: http://***URL removed***/previews/sony-alpha-a6000/4

This is getting ridiculous from Sony. They should either put the video record button where the C1 is, or allow it to be programmed to C1 (or shutter) for those of us who use the Nex exclusively for video.


No mic or headphone input (same as Nex 6). The Nex 7 has a mic input, so I guess this A6000 is more of a Nex 6 update? Only mic option is to buy Sony's ECM-XYST1M stereo microphone that attaches to the multi interface hotshoe.


I wish a 3rd party interface with a mic input could be made for the Nex line, similar to this DIY: 

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