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CIAO // Musicvideo shot on A7iii


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Here is a new video shot on the Sony A7iii and the Zeiss 20mm noctilux. A really nice lens that really takes some of that sony videolook off the material. 

It's the first time i experienced the "lines" problem of the A7iii. In quite a lot of shots you see steady "zebra" lines all over the picture. I shot some material without fog and some with fog and the shots with fog showed the problem very strong.  As i shot the material quite flat the stripes did not show very well and i thought they were a problem of monitoring in the dark surrounding. It seems that one of the lights is working on another frequency. In retrospect it might have helped to change the shutter speed but as that would have add the potential to get problems with other lights. After adding contrast the problem kicked in quite heavily.  I might have the possibility to upload some ungraded material later on. 

Looking at the big screen i would also have loved to work on 10 bit material as the artifacts started popping up quite heavily. Luckily the artist was looking for a "rough look" so it was okay.

As usual i am looking forward to feeback and would be happy for things to improve! 



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