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Question about Canon M6/RP/90D and HDMI out


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Can someone confirm that after installing the latest firmwares on any of these Canon cameras (M6 MkII, RP, 90D), firmware versions that now enable 24p recording, the HDMI-out STILL defaults to 30p? Peter Berg over at Youtube says that even if you set the camera to 24p, if you connect an HDMI cable to a Ninja V, the camera reverts to recording 30p without telling you about it. Can someone confirm?

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I didn't watch Berg's entire video (43 minutes), but here it is cued to when he starts to give detail on his experiences with trying to record 24P through HDMI.


Here is a guy who has an M6 II with the new firmware and he has (had?) a Ninja V.  I don't know if one can be messaged on YouTube, but, if so, it might be worth asking this guy to test the M6 II at 24P with the Ninja V.


Of course, it would not be too surprising if Canon intentionally crippled the capabilities of these cameras.


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