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Motion blur in monitor


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Does anybody know the term "sample and hold display technology that causes retinal blurring"










I mean if this is true then LCD computer monitor could not show video motion properly. It blurs always even if response time would be 0 ms. Then it is impossible to see all the benefits of sharp 60P motion and that may lead to conclusion that 60P is not so much sharper in motion than 24P or 30P.


With a good plasmatv or modern backlight scanning LCD TV motion should be much more sharp.


Have anyone noticed that?

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Here are typical reviews of modern LCD TVs with motion improvement features.




"When it came to motion processing... ...the F6400 still managed to return 1080 lines from the horizontally scrolling chart in the FPD Benchmark test disc (up from 300 if [Motion Plus] was disabled), providing a welcome boost to the clarity of moving objects in fast-action sports content such as football."




"The 46in 9707 manages to cleanly draw up to about 350 lines of motion natively. This raises to a full 1080 with [Perfect Natural Motion] enabled on any setting (even the lowest)."




"As with previous Samsung LED LCDs, the Samsung UE55F8000 can show all 1080 lines in a scrolling resolution test chart, provided that the [Motion Plus] system is engaged. With this feature off, you’ll see the usual LCD motion performance, which delivers just 300 lines worth of clear details. That’s enough for 24fps movies to appear without much in the way of discernable blur, but fast, high motion content like televised sports will still appear with some."


This motion test is made visually by looking horizontal panning bars with eyes.


So LCD visual motion resolution:

-1080 lines with motion improvement feature

-300 lines without motion improvement feature


Almost every Plasma TVs show 1080 lines too in theirs tests.

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