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Selling: Contineo Cage, Lenses, Card and Batteries "Pocket Kit"


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Hi all ! Because professional requirements, i change from the pocket to the BMCC, so on sale accessories like new (I think 3 times use the pocket at home) ! If you are interested, comment and I teach !
- VIEWFACTOR Cage + Grip Handwood ( Laser " Kraken " Screenprint , you can baptize your little like mine xD ) + Cold Shoe Mount . For me, the most Balanced Cage , with total protection and affordable ( even with shipping from the U.S. and tariffs) . 165EUR
-Panasonic 14mm F2.5 - ( mft ) ( Black ) . Basic lens and excellent results ,that it remains pocket "pocket" . Adapter to put 52mm filters . 133EUR (bids on ebay)EUR
-2 Chargers and 4 batteries ( 2 European Patona and 2 Japanese ) Autonomy very similar to the original 20 Enel. News. All KIT 24 EUR.
It was my original kit for BMPCC , so if someone is starting think it's the basics to get out and burn ! Shipping costs by the buyer ! Whatever you ask, and if you want by private , accept paypal ! Some pictures here(if you want more ask for them ) Based In Spain!
Greetings and good shots for this 2014!
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