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help with testing LUT-editing app


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A while ago... maybe 2 years had passed, I had an idea for color-matching algorithms, allowing the creation of LUTs based on colors in an image or color palette.
After digital wondering and waiting for technology to catch up, the current versions are stable, and perform decent color matching.

Help me make it better.
Any feedback can be useful - from feedback on the interface to the end results.
Suggestions and critique are welcomed.
If you had the urge to give your piece of mind to a guy who makes the software you are using, now is the time ;)

You can load and edit 3D .cube LUTs, and most should be compatible and working with the app (including those exported by DaVinci Resolve).
All corrections you make are reflected on the LUT you export.

The app comes in two flavors:

Kinoseed: Photo Color Match (WV)
2Mb, working with libraries in your phone
+ instant start, small size
- interface movement may not be smooth on older phones

Kinoseed: Photo Color Match (GV)
50Mb, working with Mozilla's GeckoView
+ fast and stable
- larger app size


There is no app for iOS devices for the time being.
For desktop you can run: https://kinoseed.com/

Main Features:

✎ Non-linear edit
Corrections are non-destructive

✾ Color contrast
Easily add and customize color contrast and movie-style looks

✋ Skin-tone corrections
Smooth skin color tones, adjust luminosity, and color correct

⌘ Style matching
Copy the color style looks from other images

⚡ Palette painter
Choose colors for your image or LUT

❒ ?3D-Lut I/O .CUBE
Load, edit and export LUTs compatible with other video and photo editing software

? Load remote files
You can load images or LUTs directly from cloud storage

About the app:
Advanced color grading service, allowing you to match color-style looks, create LUTs by setting a color palette, utilizing algorithms for visual light edit, perceived temperature control, image color contrast, movie-style, and skin-tone smoothing and control.

With Photo Match you can render your image or export the generated color-recipe as universal 3D-LUT for use with other software.

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