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Concerns about my new BMPCC

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Hi all,


I've been shooting on a GH2 for a couple years now and I was super excited to finally get my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera last week. I don't see any of the sensor blooming that some users have reported but I do have a couple of concerns, and I was hoping that someone out there could take a look at this clip and see if I'm just being overly critical or not. I'm just slightly concerned there may be something wrong my with camera. The footage was shot using an SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 set to T4, with ISO at 800 in Film mode. The footage is entirely ungraded with internal mic volume set to 100%


First, I'm noticing some strange electronic noise from the built-in mic. It's relatively low in the signal to noise ratio, but it seemed rather odd. I doubt that it would be much of a hindrance (especially since the mic is pretty crappy anyway and I would only ever use it for scratch audio). Still I thought I'd ask if anyone else out there has noticed this on their camera.


Secondly, I'm finding the footage to be somewhat less sharp and generally less aesthetically pleasing than what I've shot on my GH2 with the same lenses. It's entirely possible that I'm simply rubbish at grading (I haven't touched Resolve yet, played around a bit with Film Convert and the Antler Black Magic Plugin for FCP X) but I'm finding that footage shot by others seems far more vibrant and sharp than what I've been producing.


If there are any other BMPCC users out there who have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.









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Ungraded footage from the pocket camera is washed out and flat. That's normal. You really need to work on it in Resolve or Film Convert to see it in it's full glory.
I haven't watched your clip but what you describe sounds normal.
The audio thing is also a known issue. You really need a mic with an on board volume amp, or a separate mic/pre like juicedlink.
Just using the on board mic results in thin audio with a slight hum, which again seems to be what you are describing.
Have a look around the web, or on vimeo. The flat footage and dodgy on board audio have been extensively discussed.

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