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Gh2 Premiere workflow


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Wondering if anyone can recommend a workflow for smoother editing of hacked gh2 footage in premiere.

Bringing the files straight in is pretty cumbersome, is there a way to automate lower res proxies or something? 

image quality while slapping together a rough edit is not paramount. Setting the preview to half or a quarter doesn't do much...



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I use CS6 and almost always use the Sedna Q20a from Driftwood on my GH2. The files are huge with a high bitstream but they play smoothly on my editing system in full res preview. I have a GTX560ti graphics card. Intel I7 and 16 gb ram. I put the raw (not RAW raw) files on a SATA disk separatly. I also have a separate cache disk.

Whats your computer specs? I too have had problems in the past due to underpowered specs. 

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I run CS6 on my Samsung laptop (Intel i5 2.53GHz, 8GB RAM) and any hacked footage plays back fine. And that's even using USB external hard drives. Sometimes it will get laggy, but if I reboot, it's fine. As long as the footage has a yellow bar above it in the timeline, it will playback at full resolution fine. Once I start to add effects (red bar), I have to drop the resolution or render.

The only times I consistently run into poor playback is going through footage when it is first loaded into a project. And I assume that's mostly because it's building the waveforms for the audio (bottom right corner there will be a progress bar saying 'Conforming audio') and that will basically make playback useless. I just load all the clips into the timeline forcing Premier to do all the 'conforming' so that later I don't have to worry about it slowing down the process. If I had a better computer, I wouldn't need to do that. I'm pricing out a workstation build...


I have done a few projects where I transcoded the AVCHD files to DNxHD. Even at the highest settings, playback was marginally smoother with the DNxHD files versus AVCHD, mostly in unrendered clips with one or two effects. I'm not sure if it's really worth the time or hard drive space to transcode, but maybe give it a shot. Adobe Prelude makes it very easy.

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