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John Carty

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I was wondering how good a premium optics single focus rangefinder would work on a Sankor 16C,  taking lens Nikon 50mm prime. I will be using this on a Bolex H16 cine camera. I have tried the Sankor on the Bolex already and the results have be fair, but it seemed to be very hard to focus close and far...better results when the subject was further away. Would I see much of a difference if I was using a rangefinder? or do the rangefinders work  better on say a DSLR camera? And also would this be correct... keep the taking lens at infinity and using the scope lens for all the focusing. If I was to use a Isco Ultra Star Cinemascope would I see a big difference between that and the Sankor 16C? and  would I have a better range of focus? Any info on this would be much appreciated.



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