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To buy or not to buy


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Wow a $2000 50mm! Although I can't fault your priorities, that lens will retain its value while the 5D3 has dropped in value 40% since I got mine on launch. I myself just picked up the Voight 58/1.4 and that's basically perfect for even full frame video use, though I imagine the Leica edges it handily. The difference might require a 6K+ sensor with uncompressed output to see though.


But if you have a $2000 lens and don't have a handle on color grading then you know what your priorities are. You've already got an unfair advantage in that department as Canon's color is the very best in the biz. Buy yourself some training materials in color and post in general if you can find worthwhile ones and you'll get to the point where the camera doesn't matter so much anymore, you can handle whatever is thrown at you qualitywise, as long as the operator was vaguely competent. And you'll also learn exactly what you're missing that can't be compensated for in post, and it might not even touch the camera (e.g. lighting. Or TALENT.).


And as for Cinestyle, again working with pro cameras will teach you a lot more. Cinestyle is more like what you get from a log gamma on a pro camera, whilst the other contestants are midway between "prolost flat" and Cinestyle. Subjectively, I actually quite like the Canon X-series style they just released if you don't want to shoot Cinestyle, try it out, it's quite classy in the blues etc. But forcing yourself to pull a good grade out of Cinestyle, and understanding how to expose for it, is much more practical training for the real world. It may be 5 years or so before RAW is the dominant format for production, yes I know most RED shoots are RAW, but most shoots aren't RED and most Alexa shoots aren't RAW either. So even when you have it available, and you supposedly have a budget for it, a good codec with a log gamma is "good enough" in practice.


When you cross the professional threshold you realize a lot of the things you thought were really important, ain't. Other things, are.

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