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Corporate Video shot in ML RAW (Van Witt Fine Art)


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We thought the DR challenges presented by her studio was a great excuse to live dangerously, and use the ML RAW hack for a real shoot (for a paying client).  Couldn't have been happier with the results.  It's not high art, or enthralling story... it's a very simple quick corporate video intro for use on their website... But it's a corporate video that looks a WHOLE lot better than it would have, had we shot in .H264




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Nice. The exterior shots around 20 seconds would have made me cringe if it had been shot in h264. Highlight rollback is so nice with 5d raw


Agreed!  My only complaint was that it was partly cloudy, and in that portion of the sky there was no sexy "blue" visible... was plain old white to the naked eye, and white to the sensor.  heh.  Oh well

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