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Hypergonar HI-FI 2 disassembly


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Right...after long, exhausting and unsuccessful search about Hypergonar HI-FI 2 disassembly on the net, I finally took this matter to my own hands. I'm thinking...if it was put together, there must be a way to take it apart.

This lens is not just one of the best vintage anamorphic projection lenses out there also very well assembled. 

So here it goes: 

Step 1: Place the lens standing up with the front glass facing up. 

Step 2: Locate 3 mini grab screws on the top ring. They are very tiny! Unscrew with a mini flat screwdriver. Make sure your hands are steady and screwdriver does not slip possibly damaging lens or you loosing the screws. You will need them. Once again. They are 1 mm X 1 mm! 

Step 3: The top ring is screwed on the barrel and the only way lens comes apart if it is unscrewed. This can pose a bit of a challenge as it is screwed tight. Place a tiny screwdriver into one of the holes from mini grab screws an pull counter clockwise while holding the main lens barrel.

Step 4: After unscrewing the top ring you will be able to unscrew the top / focusing barrel / ring. Hold the main barrel and unscrew the focusing ring / counter clockwise. 

Step 5: Be careful here! Hold the glass casing by the edges and pull it out of the main shaft / barrel. Pay attention: The casing has a groove which corresponds with recess on inside barrel.

I'm not joking when I say be careful. The glass casing is very well greased up. If not careful this disassembly could turn disastrous..and grease can get on optics! Take your time.

Step 6: Work back from Step 5 to Step 1.





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What is your purpose for disassembly? I've had a Hifi2 laying around for a few months that I've tinkered with here and there, and have seen a pretty popular vid where the uploader built his own slider for the lens elements for focusing, but I haven't been brave enough to take it apart myself. There aren't really any single focus options out here for the Hifi2 so it seems like the best option, but I'd want to make sure I had a set plan before I took it apart.

I guess my point is, are you building a focusing system with this dosassembly? If so I'm very interested to see what you've done. 

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