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New here with a few questions.


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I am very new to the anamorphic section of cinematography. Recently i got two lenses (projection lenses).
I´ve attached a picture of the two lenses.

Are they any good? I´ve read the anamorphic guide and there is this paragraph "avoid projection lenses".
So is there a chance to build a usable rig with one of this lenses?

Otherwise - i really like the Iscorama 36, because of the 1,5x and the focusing!
But hey, i have to eat too :(

I got a tip of the Isco Star - Is it a good start?





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I have the 16/32/1.5x Moller, which is not a projector lens but I believe the optics are fairly similar. The image quality is among the best of the anamorphic adapter lenses, from what I've seen. My understanding is the projector lenses by Moller produce a nice image, too, but projector lenses tend to have three main shortcomings: 1) they can be long, heavy, and difficult to mount to your taking lens 2) they have a long barrel that results in heavy vignetting on wider lenses 3) minimum focus distance tends to be on the poor side. Usually no closer than 5 feet without diopters. There are non-projector lenses with that setback, as well, however.

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So i´ve mounted the moeller to my 5DMII +VAF-5D2b Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter and recorded with the ML raw video hack (4:3). Lenses are the Helios 58mm and a Ricoh 135mm.

With the Helios i´ve strong vignetting caused by the long projector lens and i have to reduce my cropping.
With the Ricoh 135mm no problems - i can even record at 1600x1200!

Here are the shots (x264):
1. http://www.christiandietl.at/anamorph/58mm_helios_moeller-x264.mov
2. http://www.christiandietl.at/anamorph/135mm_ricoh_moeller-x264.mov

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Hey Chris and EOS fam. I just joined the community myself today. Last night I picked up an identical Isco 2x as well off "eBay". This will be my first anamorphic lens. So the feedback will be appreciated by me as well. I have already learned a lot from this forum this month. All the pics and videos are very inspiring.

Peace...Netm8kr (John)
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Here's a whole thread about Isco projection lenses:



Here's a post with some really nice stills taken with Isco ultra star projection lens:



One of my own posts where I added some stills I've shot with my Isco ultra star:



Also, my Ultra star works with 50mm lenses on APS-C sized sensors without much vignetting. Something around 75mm would be alright for fullframe, but I only have a 85mm f/2 - no vignetting with that one on full frame sensor.

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