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Flowmotion 1.1 question


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Hey guys,

I recently upgraded my GH2 firmware to 1.1, and with it I also installed the new Flowmotion 1.11 patch. Seems to work fine for now but one thing seems strange.

My camera tells me that max. recording time on my 32Gb card, in 24H, is about 42 minutes, which seems about right (previously I recorded in 44 mbps, and my max time was about twice that). But when I switch to 24L mode it shoots up to over 5 hours (!).

Now as far as I understand, the 24L mode in Flowmotion is about 50 mbps. right? So shouldn't my card at best record 1.5 hours or so? Is my camera just displaying the max. recording time wrong, or is 24L mode just lower quality in other ways?
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I never really got the calculations or terminology right, but here's my understanding and someone correct if I'm wrong:
Mbps is "megabits per second" not megabytes per second (MB/s or MBps).
I think 1 megabyte equals 8 megabits?? Therefore, 24L's 50mbps = 6.25MB/s.

And besides, the time counter is not accurate because it depends on the level of detail it's recording - especially in the case of Flow Motion as its bit rate varies under different situations. In most cases you'll actually be able to log more time than what the counter states. See for yourself: Record something and watch the remaining time counter. It won't be real time.
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Okay, thanks guys.
Seems logical as you mention it that with a variable bitrate the recording time varies.
Just have to test, test, experiment and always keep spare cards ready I guess.
Thanks again!
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