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Anamorphic Single Focus Adapter


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Hi guys, I recently found a treasure, a kowa B&H 2x locally at a camera store in good condition and price. (It was still actually in it's original case) I am looking for a single focus anamorphic adapter. Where can I find the Rectilux or something comparable? Also any recommendations for something different?  

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Hey, two weeks no replay...

This is a too general question with lack of details.

So you found a "treasure" adapter, but you want other one (?).

You should elaborate what you want, so somebody can answer.

First, "Where can I find...", well... I think on specialized photo stores, or maybe on web, eBay, Amazon. :blush:
Second, how much squeezing you need and for...
Third, if you ask to have a "recommended" adapter, on what purpose, where do you want it to be used, and
Fourth, we need to know for what camera-lens combination you want to use it.
     Most important here is the filter's size to mount the adapter (and lens angle - maximal if a zoom).

You can have one for 2-3 dollars for a "test" if you are a handyman and do it yourself, or have one for few thousand dollars if you intent for a pro use, and everything between.

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