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Which is the best DSLR camera for video?


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Hallo! I try to figure which dslr is the best for video shooting, i already seen a lot video tests on youtube, but i am not sure which dslr to buy, i like a lot PANASONIC GH3, my budget is around 1700 €.


Any help would be aprecciated, thank you! :)


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What kind of video? Hobby? Filmmaking? Corporate/Industrial Earn some money? Do you need lights, tripods, microphones, external recorders, extra batteries, editing software, computers, etc? Do you have any experience, or just starting out? Do you value still photography equally or even more importantly?

I can comment on what I did. I had some photography experience, but was a little new to video. A few years ago, I bought a Canon T2i (550D) - pretty much an entry level camera with a crop sensor. The included lens was pretty poor. I also bought a 70-200mm f2.8 that cost about 50% more than the camera! I also bought a decent tripod, a spare battery and a few SD cards. For some photography I wanted to take I bought a 100mm f2.8 MACRO. The whole deal with audio on the DSLR was annoying so I bought a Marantz field recorder with XLR inputs thus moving my entire audio workflow away from the camera. Now it is a few years later and I may move up to a 5d Mark III with the 24-105 f4 L IS lens. My awesome 70-200mm and 100mm MACRO are still good. My audio is still solved. I have a decent grasp of what I want now. The T2i will become my B camera. I still want a light kit for some of my interview work.

Guess my point is, define what you want to do and buy towards that end. You may end up needing a lot of your budget to go to things that are not the camera body and good lenses are often pricey. If you are mostly just starting out, no shame in buying cheap or even used until you learn enough to know what you want - it's not really a question we can answer. That said the GH3 looks solid. I wanted a 6d but the moire issue looks to be for real and made that camera a non-starter to me for video pushing me into the expensive 5d Mark III with either its new HDMI out firmware, or this exciting RAW hack from Magic Lantern. Sometimes I want the BMCC, but will probably pass. Exciting and fast moving times.
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Well i want to shoot from music videoclips/documentary to weddings etc.. And yes i'm trying to earn  some money!

I got no lenses, and yes 1700 is for everything (for now!) maybe in the near future i will buy "accessories".

I was thinking to buy a video cam but i already saw many test and vs on yt, and i think that for 1700 it is better to buy a dslr/mirrorless.

Im not starting now, i have some experience with video, and i got some knowledge on different things, like i'm a pc technician/sound engineer/producer/graphic & web designer i edit videos and other staff like that, ALL IN ONE, hahahaha.....

So i got some ideas and for that reason i need a good camera, something like "1920x1080 60fps" but if im not wrong there aren't many that can shout "1920x1080 60fps"...


Thank you guys for replying!

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If 1700 is your complete budget, I'd suggest the Panasonic G6. Cheap body, very good quality and 1080p60. Don't think there is anything in this price range that can beat it.


This will leave you plenty of money for lenses, a microphone, tripod/monopod/rig.


Buy a standard zoom with stabilisation for weddings etc. Some cheap adapters and cheap old manual glass (Minolta MD, Canon FD, Nikon F) for creative shots.



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For a €1700 budget


I would get a 550d/ti2 (or what ever the cheapest entry level camera is) no stock lens, since it's rubbish.


Tamron 24-70m 2.8 VC (38.4m-112m) for 1.6 crop. This lens is handy if your planning to upgrade to fullframe.




Or Tamron 17-50m VC ( 27.2m - 80m) for 1.6 crop.




Canon 50m 1.8 (85m) for 1.6 crop



Most obvious choice in the world, Just please don't constantly use this at 1.8, as nothing will be in focus unless it's a very locked off shot.


You will need Image stabilization on your lens if your going to do any shoulder mount stuff (which I can guarantee you will).


I can't count the number of times I've used expensive rigs and still gone back to this shoulder mount.




It's made out of heavy duty plastic, it just works. Yes it will fall apart eventually, but at £20 it doesn't matter.


For Sound


I'm guessing your going to be doing  sit down interviews?


Zoom h1




Combined with




Congradulations you've just got yourself a wireless lavalier system.


If you want to go with anything abit more advanced ( which would probably require 2 people)


Tascam DR-60D



Rode NTG2



Micro boom




Decent Set of head Phones, Sennhesier 380 hd pro










I quite like to use flourescent lights this ebay seller has some nice 4 banks for fairly cheap.




They use Osram deluxe daylight balanced tubes which are actually fairly decent.


Combine this with a up to 300w Dimmer switch




congradulations you now have dimmable lighting..


Also I can't reiterate how helpfull it is to have a simple recflector




I Think that is pritty much it for now.








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