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Magic lantern for canon M... What about nx1?


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I think that video RAW records for everybody is still far away (at least financially).

Well, there is a "hack" for NX1 - see the post "Installing the hach" and read what it is doing, it allow to video record at high bit rate speed to around 200+ Mbps, stable at 160-180 Mbps (about 3 times what EOS M is able with the hack).

But to record RAW you need also a proper "codec" available.
I presume that if the H265 can be tweaked to:

- avoid "psycho" compression, so have the same compression type for shadows and highlights as for middle zone (aka no need for LOG / LUT who decimate the bit's color quality ! );
- use lower compression due to high bit rate (well, this is just. . . against H265 concept itself ! );
- use 10 (or better 12-16) bit compression algorithms and maybe 4-2-2 and why not 4-4-4 instead of 4-2-0 color space.

What I know is that video 4k24p 4-2-2 10 bit registered on Atomos give about 230GB per 45 minutes (best quality), which translate in about 75MBps or 600Mbps, which is not yet RAW but with quality loss, compessed with ProRes or DNxHD, still far from a real RAW record.

For 2K it should be a quarter of the bit speed, but nevertheless quite demanding, so your link should refer to a nice compression type and I wonder what "type" of RAW it is.

Sure that recording RAW you have to use some compression algorithms but without quality loss, and if you use an M2 card (SSD, PCIe x4, not yet "socket available" in cameras) able of about 8+ GBps (8,000MBps = 64,000 Mbps !), maybe a RAW record will works fine. I know that NX2 have an interface capable for this M2, but it is just inhouse work and not for selling.

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