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For sale: dirt cheap tiny 1.5x focus trough anamorphics


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In short: I got six Old Delft Delrama 8 CP 1.5x lenses. Five of them are seeking a new home. They are in pretty bad condition, but hey, i'm only asking €50 each. Interested? Send me a private message!

Tired of lugging around your heavy anamorphic lens? Looking for your first anamorphic experience? Always wanted a baby anamorphic? Read on!

Old Delft Delrama 8 CP1.5x

The Delrama 8 CP1.5x is a tiny anamorphic prism made by the Dutch company Old Delft, a long time ago. The ones I have here were designed for 8mm and have a 1.5x squeeze. They aren't built with optical lenselements like other anamorphics, but made out of prisms (mirrors).


What are you buying? A lens in a pretty bad condition to be honest. No fungus or scratches, but the silver on the mirrors is detoriated. If you want to fix it, you have to get someone to resilver the prisms. The Delrama's are pretty easy to take apart, so that should be doable. Might be costly though, I didn't look into further.

Anyhow, even in this state they are usable. Look for yourself!



I think it can look pretty good - sharp! - things get funky when you point it into bright light, because of the damaged mirrors.


How does it work?

There is no focus on the Delrama. You put it in front of your taking lens (50mm on the GH2, you can go lower, I made a video with the Hexar 40mm 1.8 before, but if you stop down you'll get black bars) and just focus trough. Not sure what the minimum focus distance is, around 2 or 3 meters I think. Gets sharp from f/2.8, better at f/4.


Shot with GH2, Minolta 58mm 1.4 (mostly at f/2 and 2.8) and a Delrama.

Where are the flares?

It does flare, but not in your typical anamorphic way, because it is made out of mirrors. Here's a video I shot with a lot of bright lights. The video is graded, want to see the original? It's here.



I want one!

I have five Delrama's for sale. They are listed below with pictures and I made some sample clips with each of them. Even though they are in bad shape and look pretty bad, the results might be better than you'd expect.


Sample footage from each Delrama!

Download this zip file with footage from each lens, one shot at f/8, one at f/2.8. (Note that in 30.MTS the focus is a bit off - the cyclist is sharp though!)

Specimen 30:



Specimen 35: Sold


Specimen 37: Sold


Specimen 50: Sold


Specimen 82: Sold



€50 each, excl. shipping.


First to come, first to pick. Numbers are based on the last digits of the serial no. Don't just judge by the pictures, check the sample footage!


All of them come in their original box:




How do I mount it onto my camera?

I found an easy way... take a (soft) lenscap, make a hole in it and push the Delrama into it. Works fine with my Minolta lenscaps.




Paypal, bank transfer or local pickup (Den Haag, Netherlands). Can send everywhere, but I suppose Europe is easiest. You pay actual shipping costs.


Questions? Shoot!

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How much for shipping to the US?


€ 24,30 with tracking or € 18,05 without tracking. I'd prefer with tracking.


@Parky: I'll send you a PM!


The thread size is exactly the same as C-mount by the way. Can screw it straight into a C-mount to M43 adapter (no, that doesn't make sense.. but it fits).

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Hi... Are any of these Delrama adaptors still available? Thanks..

I don't know if Juilan still has some left over but I do have 2 of the delramas'' one 8CP and one 16CP


80 euro ex shipping for the both of them



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