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petrascope 1.5x


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picked up this guy on ebay a few weeks ago. glass is in immaculate condition. super lightweight. no focusing helicoid - 2 separable optics and a set screw to retain them. came with a mounting bracket that i epoxied a 67-58 stepdown onto and  screwed a 52-67 step up onto it and the plastic 50 canon.


maintaining alignment is a pain but can create some cool mesmerizer effects. no focus marks. minimum seems to be about 4'8"


words from tony -

"one they did had a grove cut out so you could move the 2 optics closer together or apart.

losen the screw and push in or pull out..

you will then have to orientate the front optic so it is sharp

very fiddly but quite good glass on some of them


 they made many different sizes it was made in a fot shop in south london in the 1970s so kind of hand made nothing was standard"





pic of setup




2 flare tests










w/o petra on canon plastic 50mm 1.8



w/ petra - taking lens must be focused closer - may have some kind of built in diopter as it doesn't see to like infinity that much


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