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Seeking advice on shoulder support pad


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I am searching for a shoulder support pad for my GH3, and I would appreciate advice on which one to choose. Eventually, I will most probably work with a proper stabilizer - right now, I am looking for a shoulder support pad as a more price-savy possibilty for improving picture quality and steadiness (and there are further benefits for the kind of work I am doing, like a shoulder support pad taking up less space and weighing less, thus it will be easier to take it with me).

I am aware that shoulder support pads definitely cannot replace a full blown stabilizer, and that there is only an overlap of use cases / use cases are not identical (like shoulder support pads allowing only limited movement in comparison to a stabilizer).

After having done quite some research, it seems to me that the DynaSun PRO FT2855 is often being recommended in the price range of up to 50 EUR (I don't know whether approves of product links in the forum, so I won't link to it, but for example amazon.de offers it).

(i) Does anybody have - good or bad experiences with this model and 
(ii) would anybody rather recommend a different model?


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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