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Hi I'm looking for some advice on whether to film in anamorphic. I have a double focus set up with the bmpcc and I'm also going to use a decent super 8 camera (movexzoom electronic mos) and 50D to film a short about MMA and rock climbing. I like the cinematic aspect ratio of the anamorphic and the look of the shallow depth of field, and will be using a Helios and Mir prime lenses 58 and 37mm. I could also use the super 8 / 50D with the anamorphic set up too but this would have to be at full zoom and hard to shoot and keep stable. I'm wondering about shooting the digital anamorphic and having the 50D scanned at 4K then cropping to fit a 2.66 aspect ratio but I'm worried this may look poor particularly if shown on a large screen? 


Or should I just film it all at 16:9 with the prime lenses and crop in post? 


Any advice about which way to go greatly appreciated! 




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