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Collection of used lenses from movie theater

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Hi Guys,  Found this collection of old lenses from a defunct movie theater building my company acquired and was wondering about value (if any) on these lenses.  I have twelve lenses mostly shneider, two Isco and one Sankor.  I am a dummy when it comes to stuff like this and am looking for help determining value and wondering if anybody here would like to purchase them.  Some of them are a little beat up but all the glass looks to be in good shape.  I found a few similar ones on ebay but don't know if they actually sell.  I can post individual pictures if anybody wants them. 









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2 hours ago, CLDev said:

Thanks for the feedback! Would like to sell the whole lot together for a discount.

Not a good idea. You'll find far more people who want the individual lenses. You can make more money selling the ones with high interest and then liquidating the rest cheap.

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