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Need Mattebox ideas for la7200.


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So, I recently purchased a Panny 7200, and wanted to look in to True Mattebox options for the lens. I've never used a Mattebox, so I am wondering if the adapter is going to be able to mount flush behind this mattebox in some way. I'd like to get a Redrock Micro Deluxe, but not sure if this set-up will work.

Im not looking at other solutions such as the cinetactics boxe, as want a solution that will allow me to use traditional film filters in the stage set up. Any help or experiences with this will be greatly appreciated!


(Shooting FS100 if that means anything)

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That would be EXTREMELY helpful!!!


I own a LA7200 as well, and have a Redrock Micro Mattebox here. If you can wait a little, I'll try to put them together this week and post some thoughts about it.


(my panasonic came with the Cinetatics mattebox, never used it, though :P)

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Here are my samples, LA7200 combined with Redrock rig. In these pictures, I was using a Helios 44, 50mm, but also tested on the Canon EF 24-70mm.


An issue is that the distance to the mattebox varies according to focus (on the Helios) or zoom (on the 24-70).


Does look good, I admit, but doesn't work at all. On the Helios, there is no problem, no vignetting. On the 24-70, without the mattebox, we can go as wide as 28mm, but with the thing in front, it's only usable when the lens is set longer than 50mm, which kills the anamorphic's main purpose: using really wide angles. :(




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