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Calibrating a Zacuto EVF (or other external monitor) to GH2

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Hi everyone. Figure we'd have a high concentration of GH2 users here. I'm currently trying to get my Zacuto EVF to properly mirror the image on the LCD and EVF of my GH2.

I've struggled with different configurations and found really none that match the image. I'm currently using the Zacuto just to focus and I'll expect the color/exposure from the EVF. Should I even bother trying to match the LCD setting?

Anybody using this combo care to share their settings? Or just some general tips on what the standard procedure for balancing color on a monitor is?

thanks in advance.

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Here's my position on calibrating for GH2....
I don't try to match my LCD. Why? Cos the bloody thing isn't accurate anyway. So why would you wanna match your external monitor or EVF to it?
The level of calibration depends very much on different products. But I know the Zacuto does a decent job than say the SmallHD DP4.
What I've done is logged my footage, and played back the both the footage both on my Mac screen and EVF. Then I try to match the EVF...

Try these and see what you think:
Brightness: 20

Saturation: -10
Red: -5
Green: -10
Blue: 10

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