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Red Bull skating video shot in anamorphic


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Did anyone else see this recently?  Red Bull sponsored a short film on 4 skateboarders that's shot in anamorphic on various cameras, including Phantoms.  It's really cool that anamorphic is used on action/sports stuff since we don't see that kind of use very often (or even at all?).


Some technical details: 






From the comments:



Thanks Jon! We shot with two epics and one phantom flex, all were outfitted with Kowa anamorphics. 

We shot everything 5k anamorphic so you can actually see a 4k version (titled original) on redbull's youtube page. One Epic was always at 24 fps, the other jumped around from 24 to 72. If we had enough light we would tend to shoot around 500 fps on the flex. I'm not sure what redcode we used. In the end it was all raw for the best color session.


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Thanks so much for the link!  Was awesome!  Was just wondering to what "Kowa Anamorphics'" they are referring to in the video?  Did Kowa make a cinema line of Anamorphics (like Panavision, Hawk etc etc) or are they referring to the the Kowa's like the Bell/Howell, 8z etc?


Thanks again.

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For me, the most awe-inspiring sequence starts around 8:14.  Apparently, no expense was spared in this production as they used a Doggicam Super Slide to shoot that shot (and lots of others), and the DP's promised a BTS video of that sequence.


Also, interesting in that sequence is that you can easily see softness in the lens off-center (look at the skater's feet as he comes off the shelf thing around 8:35).


The director says that they used Hawk anamorphics in the NoFilmSchool article, but the DP says they used Kowas.  I wonder if they used both or there was a miscommunication.

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