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Whatever happened to the HX9V anamorphic tests that were going to be revealed?


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I am thinking of getting rid of my nex5n, for a gh2. However in the meantime, i already have an hx9v, and i might like to try the la7200 with it first. It may be all that I need for my purposes. I'd like to capture giant landscapes. The nex5n is nice, but it does not seem as capable as the gh2 since it has the ext cropping ability.

But nevermind all that. How about an update on that post, since it was the reason i bought an hx9v in the first place! I think the la7200 is harder to find than a gh2, so it might be a good idea for me to grab that now. I have a singer 16d lens, but i have never tried to use it with my nex, i used it a couple of times on my 7d before I sold it, and was not thrilled.

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