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Use the Samsung cameras for specific purpose of shooting 30-40 shots and then uploading them. Repeat throughout the day.

Do not use SDcard so all of the shots are in the gallery. With the NX I am able to download an outside app which I use to upload shots to apps website.

This workflow has been very fast and efficient on the Samsung NX, also on the older /smaller Galaxy 2S.

My question is this: I have looked through most of the topics/threads here and elsewhere and cannot find out if I can download a specific app onto the NX1 through google play. I need to know this before I buy the NX1-Will someone who owns an NX1 try to download a specific app and let me know if it works? One I am most interested in is called Provision by vAuto. Thanks for your help and input.

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not sure what camera you are referring to when you say "samsung NX" but it it likely one of the samsung cameras that ran on android.

The NX1 runs on Tizen witch has a very limited amount of 3rd party apps and as far as I am aware no one has successfully installed any 3rd party tizen apps on the NX1.

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