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Hello - new user here..

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My name is David, lives in Sweden. Fond user of anamorphic lenses.
I actually has this place to thank for that. It was 2011 i got hold of a good
Kowa 16H. After some research.
My, like everybody else's idea, was to film with it..
But it was pretty hard holding a camera and focusing the two lenses at
the same time. So i had to rethink my shoots and mix anamorph lenses
where it was needed and use normal lenses for faster work.
So i´ve managed to get hold of a another Kowa. My idea was to combine
the two with a normal lens and a wide one, so it went faster to change lense
on set. Well.. it didnt work out so good.
So far i´ve made one musicvideo and one shortfilm (with one scene)
with the Kowa. Then i got hold of another anamorph lens. Looks like an Optex,
except there is no name on it. And it lacks a focusring.
I haven't used it so much, yet. I guess these lenses can't fucus near.
This one works ok on two meters aprox.
Anyway. I've started using the Kowa more on still pictures, like this one.
The sharpness and the level of detail is pretty awesome for photos.
Im going to take some photos of that other, no-brand Anamorphic lens.
Maybe you guys here can help me shed some light on it.

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