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60D Field Monitor


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Hi all,

Not sure where to put this so here it goes:

I've been using the Canon 60D for a couple of years now, still satisfied! I'm considering buying an external field monitor for better and more accurate manual focus during shooting. I know the Canon 60D lowers it's resolution when using an external HDMI monitor. Can anybody tell me if this influences the focus peaking on the monitor? I assume a lower resolution makes it harder to pull focus? Any experiences?

One last question: Does the lower output resolution affect the recorded files? (I've never used an external monitor with this camera before)



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If I remember correctly the peaking, assuming your using Magic Lantern... works fine on the 60d, as you get a 1080 resolution before you hit record. It then drops down to a lower resolution during recording, the monitor will probably reboot or go black for a few seconds once you start to record and the quality drop off.
Some have the "5D" mode which works ok. The Zacuto was about the best as it stayed pretty sharp even at the lower res, and went black only for a fraction of a second when you hit record. Pulling focus is still possible.

I must admit once I got a 5D3, the 60d was only used for timelapse and as a b camera.

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