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A7RII Hot to touch!!! Dead pixel.


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Hello guys we're having some lovely hot weather here in the UK at the moment.


But because of this I recently got my camera out a small bag the bag size was roughly the same size as the camera not much breathing room. Sadly however it was left on and the body is very warm to the touch not warm like the camera was overheating but very warm.

The screen also has blue and red pixels on it however after taking a picture they didn't show up on the picture.

I put it in the fridge for a small while about 30 seconds to help cool it down. I did a pixel refresh and all the pixels seem to have disappeared done this before the results are always pleasing no more red and blue pixel.

However there seems to be like a grey pixel still left that I cannot remove it doesn't show up when I take a photo it doesn't show up on video but it shows up on the LCD and eye piece.

I'm wondering if there are any tests I should do to help see if there are any other damages or even if this is a damage to the sensor I'm also asking if anyone else has had the a7s II or a7rii and had theres get extremely hot and if you have had any problems.

And on a side note the camera never shut off saying it overheated.

Thanks for any help

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