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Need some advice on Mamiya(or other) MF lenses on Nikon mount


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6 hours ago, M Carter said:

Unless the SB is made specifically for putting a specific brand of MF lenses on a specific mount, (like a mamiya to nikon SB)

That is what I meant, so Hassy V Speedbooster for Nikon mount instead of regular adapter for example.

I don't see why it couldn't be a relatively big market because there are many FF Nikon users(video and stills guys) out there who would probably be thrilled to get MF look with their cameras, also the same could be probably made for EF mount.

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I don't think you'd get an "MF Look" though. People talked about an MF look for The Revenant, but that was shot with a huge sensor and they needed MF lenses to cover it and used hassy lenses that were designed for a 6x6cm image. Then there's the 645 format, which is closer to FF 35 but still pretty big. I don't know that you'd see much difference other than any specific character that comes from the lens (or from only the center of the lens without a speedbooster). When you get into "character" you may have to go farther afield than MF glass that was designed to be really precise. I've been shooting video with 1960's era Canon FL lenses on the NX1 and it really does have a gorgeous look, probably good for music video or fashion stuff, kind of like it has the perfect amount of diffusion yet is still very sharp - and the color is really gorgeous and a little muted.  But hey, I'm tearing up a zoom to paint all the insides silver and make a really flare-heavy lens, so to each their own. But the FLs and wildly jacked-with lenses are going for specific character rather than optical perfection. I shot color and B&W on Mamiya 6x7 for years and I can't say there was anything specific about it other than amazing quality when you mix great glass with really big media. I still have my 4x5" view camera, same deal. Though i could stick an old petzval lens on that thing and get some wild stuff certainly (but a large format petzval may not be as badass on a sensor 1/100th the size or whatever the math is).  Anyway, post some tests as you progress with this, we're all geeks here!

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