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1:1 to 16:9 adapter?


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Hi guys,


I have a unique problem and a friend recommended to ask about it in this forum.  I apologise in advance for any layman language as I'm just getting acquainted with the topic.


I am building a mattebox sized device which is mounted in front of a camera and has a depth sensor built into it, and the output of the depth sensor is overlaid with the RGB image.  The setup works well, but the problem is that the depth sensor has a low, 200x200 pixel resolution so the aspect ratio does not match with the 16:9 of the RGB image -- I can only use the middle region.  




My friend recommended me to take a look at anamorphic adapters that could be mounted in front of the depth sensor (which picks up IR light from the scene being filmed), stretching the depth image.


Where should I look for a solution for this?  Is there such an adapter out there perhaps?


I really appreciate any help on this - keywords, pointers etc all welcome.


Many thanks,





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I guess the closest thing that could work for you is a 2x anamorphic adapters, which are generally cheaper than the 1.3x or 1.5x types. 


I'm not sure for what you're trying to do with this set up, but you might get away with it with one of the cheap projection 2x adapters that go on ebay. 

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