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Cleaning vintage anamorphics...


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Compressed air/a rocket blower, kim wipes, and panchro spray (possibly just 95% isopropyl alcohol) applied to the wipe but not the lens, followed by condensation from breath applied directly to the lens (blowing on the lens) and more kim wipes, always starting at the center and cleaning in spirals outward, is how I clean my lenses.

Not sure if this is different for older coatings, but it is what I was taught when I AC'ed and it seems to work well.

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It depends what you're going to be cleaning off them.   Normally I would agree with much of what's already been said.  Also if it's just fingerprint smudges etc then a lens pen works just fine.  On the other hand if you're going to be anywhere near ocean spray I suggest you protect the focus rings and other moving parts with a zip lock back or similar and use special enzyme lens cleaner (you can get them in packs from your photo shop).

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