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1.5x Custom Scale settings on the AC7...


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Does anybody know the proper scaling numbers to use when using a 1.5x anamorphic adaptor on the new Small HD AC7?

I assume starting off with auto scale or 16:9 is a good start as the signal is from a Canon C100 Mark II. Not sure how to fine tune to make the image close to what it will be in post when we'll desqueeze.


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Unless someone has the exact same setup, it'll be hard for them to give you exact numbers. Play with the custom scaling. First, crop the correct amount off the sides by stretching it out, then compress it vertically until the image is the right aspect. You need to know what portion of the original image should be showing, and which parts should be cropped off. Take your target aspect ratio and divide it by 1.5 in order to determine this.

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