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Sigma 24-105 .. anyone tried for video?


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I love this zoom range, and am looking for a nice all purpose lens for doc work on my A7s. I always found the Canon L 24-105 lacking in many ways. Specifically they always have a jerky zoom performance if you're trying to zoom mid shot. It's nice for shock zooms but not smooth slow zooms like I can accomplish with my Sony 28-70, which for some reason has a nice damped zoom throw. I'm looking to do 70s style zooms like Altman, just very manual looking, slow zooms mid shot. Also interested to know if the focus throw is long or short. I've noticed some photo lenses have extra short focus throws making manual focus tricky.

Also, will the Image Stabilization work on non-native mounts, as I'll be using with a Nikon to E mount adapter, most likely.

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