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Time Lapse Settings - Sunrise


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I'd like to start shooting time lapse videos, I live on the coast and I want to do a time lapse from stars at night through sunrise in the morning. I have a general idea for what settings to use for just stars or during the day etc but I'm not really sure what settings I should use going from stars at night through to sunrise as the light will be changing so much.. Would setting camera to Aperture or Shutter Priority be the best option? Or will the change in light make the exposure too "jumpy"? I'd like to have the ocean in it as well since I'v got a particular place I'd like to shoot it, If I shoot in Shutter priority it will look silly going from smooth water from the long exposure to clear/sharp water when the sun is up? 


Any other tips appreciated, especially regarding intervals and what looks best. Thanks.

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I'd suggest using a very wide lens. Then if your camera allows it, you can then let the aperture & ISO change, preferrably in a set range, without too much of a difference in depth of field / sharpness (as long as no object is really close to the camera).


Also, on nikonrumors there was a nice article about time lapse photography: http://nikonrumors.com/2012/02/27/guest-post-astronomers-paradise-time-lapse-video.aspx/

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