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Zoom H1 , Tascam DR 22, 40 Audio Recorder

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I am testing out the Juicedlink DT454 preamp adapter right now.

It has this feature where it can record to the camera with noise to the right channel and send the signal from both mics to the left channel. In post, you delete the right channel and copy the left channel to the right channel.

I was just playing around with it and turned off the right channel noise. Afterwards in Audio Director, I noticed that the right channel seems to be picking up some of the signal still. Even with the right channel switched into the left channel, there is a separate right channel recording a very very faint copy of the audio that's in the left channel. Anyone know why this might be?

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I seem to have found my solution... A bit bulkier and more expensive but flexible and still pretty run and gun.

On this website http://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/view-factor-contineo-gh4-cage-review/

He is reviewing a Cage for the GH4 but at the bottom he shows his audio rig. 

Looks great for me.. Not too big no huge XLR connections to worry about.  A video mic pro, A Wireless Lav Feed into a Device that splits it into 2 channels with Level control. Giving you 2 separate Completely in sync audio tracks. (no post syncing)


Just to test the the rig out I found this super cheap Pyle wireless system on Amazon ($15) and a $40 ish Mini Boom Mic  


Ill test it out just to see how the whole thing works then get a more expensive one Probably this one if the sale continues till early January when im prepared to buy it.



If anyone interested Here is Links to the components im considering (some are repeats of above)







Im still no going to jump until early January so if anyone has thoughts id love to hear 















Just ran across this article. Thought you might find it interesting. Seems to suggest a passive adapter can work with wireless mics, I guess wireless has its own power source to provide a strong signal



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