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Help on "Enable Premiere CS5 CUDA on your Macbook Pro and never render again " post

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Hi, I'm new on this great forum. 

Ive read this interesting post




and have a few questions.


1) have anyone tried it?

2) if it works, will it work for me (my mbp 15 13 inches early 2011 have Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB video card.

Or at least, is there a way to make it work with my actual gear?


I will appreciate any help on this,

really thanks





PS. Great forum, thanks!!!!

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It won't work on your MBP because CUDA only works on Nvidia GPUs.


Ok, thanks.

So...anyone has tried this on Nvidia?

Wich video card do you recommend me to do this smooth premiere cs5.5 video editing with my mbp?


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