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Selling my small anamorphic adapter - Yashica Scope 1,5x (perfect fit with a BMPCC or a GH)


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Hello to everyone, 

I'm moving to a full frame experience (A7s) while keeping my BMPCC... But unfortunately I'll have to do some concessions. And selling my beloved Yashica Anamorphic 1,5x really breaks my heart. 

It's in perfect condition, with the original box, the cinemascope frame for old 8mm camera, and I can throw my adapter for the 25mm Angenieux f0.95 in C-Mount in it (the 25mm angenieux + the Yashica Scope is a wonderful combo).

I also have a small 24mm Pentax 110 lens modified that fits the anamorphic adapter that I can throw in the mail package (but that's not the best fit, so I'd recommend to look after a better taking lens)

Here is the old topic, back when I had just bought it :') 

And here is the last project I've shot with this setup (BMPCC + Yashica Scope) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsD_tty6Hco&feature=youtu.be

Asking for 500$, I'm located in France ! 

Would also be interested in a trade with some Nikkor glasses, Zeiss Contax, or Leica R lenses (85mm, 50mm, 24mm...) 

Have a nice day to you all !

Some photos of the beast :)







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