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The Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 8


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cute aint it?

that's an AA battery for reference.

i could launch into a subjective ramble on what it's like, but i figured i'd let the tests do the talking since i know less than zero about these things,...





and this one, i seem to have fudged the focus,...


they were all shot on a nikon v1 with its colour profile set to neutral.

straight out of the camera, i didnt do any post other than unsqueeze.

a PAR of 1.475 seems to make it look right,... i'm not sure, havent done the circular object test yet. let me know what you think.

the rear thread is about 28mm, so, small, a couple of millimeters larger than a c-mount.

there is no thread on the front.

according to tony's comment in the baby hypergonar thread, it's a x1.5.

all shot with a takumar taking lens, the super 50mm f1.4, smc takumar 35mm and the smc takumar 50mm macro.

observations so far:

- as i mentioned in the baby hypergonar thread, the kowa doesnt seem to alter the image too much. in the samples above youtube seems to have messed with the colours and contrast a bit. in my NLE it looked less contrasty, but then i dont have a calibrated monitor.

- a 28mm takumar started to vignette, but i think if it was attached and centered properly it might not, or might still, but very little. the 35mm takumar was fine.

- its a dual focus of course, with minimum focus going to about 4ft.

- the first video isnt a proper flare test, but as you can see it didnt really flare as much as some other adapters,... which is cool as i'm more interested in how anamorphics render the image rather than their flares.

- i got it off of the auction site here in japan. there were a couple of other people bidding on it as well, but they didnt seem too hungry for it as i managed to get it for about US$28 including shipping.

quite happy with my purchase :D

i cant really think of anything else to say,.. as i know very little about it.

other than, i quite like it, the softness, or rather the smoothness. and it takes color correction very nicely,... playing with the colours is when the adapter's characteristics seem to come out, things seem to grade in a more organic way than with other footage. like an organic smear, so i'll definitely be shooting with anamorphics from now on.

i did want to thank you guys for putting so much info out there because being a film/polaroid shooter i resisted moving to video as i always thought that my budget wouldnt stretch to making shit not look like "cheap video". this changes everything though so i'm going to be diving deeper into this.

if you guys have any questions i'll do my best to answer.


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My bad I just saw your replies! I love Nagasaki (and Kyuushu in general). I'm in Tokyo though. Anyway.
Since my last comment I managed to pick up 3 anamorphics. A Sankor 16-D, an Eiki 16C and a Kowa Prominar 16-S. I'm busy trying to get (one of) them attached so I can do some test shoots. I bought a clamp from Vid-Atlantic but its way to big on the anamorphic side (I think they're all in the 43, 49mm range). Vid-Atlantic's advice was gaffer tape. Yours looks even smaller, what was your set up?
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You working on a GH2 now, cool. That redstan looks real solid. I was in touch with him but I had some Paypal problems so I tried the Vid-Atlantic first. I know I'm at the point of bugging him now but whatever, he comes highly recommended and I want one of his clamps! I'll send him an email.

So your taking lens is a Zeiss. How do you like it? I'm not familiar with the shigascope either, do you have some footage you've shot with that set-up up?
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The lens looks neat.


However - you shot the anamorphic test footage in interlaced format. The interlacing lines will get stretched even a bit further out when you shoot anamorphic, so the interlacing effect will get exaggerated even more. You would be far better off shooting anamorphic in progressive video format!

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That's a good tip dahlfors, I'll be sure to keep it in mind too.

brucker. I have a question abou the redstan clamp and your lens - were you able to secure the anamorphic to the taking lens by screwing the clamp onto the anamorphic (using the pins to keep it stable)? Or are you relying only on the clamps to hold to the taking lens.
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sorry for my late reply, been a bit busy.


i cant believe i havent uploaded any footage with the shiga on the zeiss,... it's mostly zeiss and a couple of lenses i was ebaying on my youtube page. (shuji Moriwaki if you're interested)


i do have stills on my flickr with that combination http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=shigascope%20zeiss&ss=2&s=int



here's the setup http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/80-shigascope-x15/


the rear clamp screws into the taking lens, then the 3 screws hold the anamorphic in place,.. pretty much how all of redstans clamps work. i did worry about how solid the hold would be at first, but let me tell you it is damn solid provided you tighten them properly. that shit doesnt come loose in the 9 months or so that i've used it.


even on heavier lenses liek the big ass kowas the fit is solid. i think i could swing it round over and over and it wont come flying out :)


@dahlfors thanks for the tip man! that was like week 3 of me playing with video so i guess my natural assumption was "ah, 60 is double 30 so must be better :)" didnt even know what the i and p meant back then :P

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