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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy a clamp for my baby iscorama/iscomorphot 8/1.5x. I've read that the clamp that redstan makes for this lens has been discontinued. So if there is anyone who is selling their redstan clamp for baby anamorphics, I'm looking to buy. I've also looked through all the forums related to anamorphics and I know there are several alternatives to mount that lens (f-adapter, step rings, etc.) However, there seems to mixed impressions on all methods. I've tried looking for a step down ring that steps down to a 24mm thread, but can't seem to find one. If anyone knows of the best alternative, that information would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. SOLD    For sale is a ready to shoot anamorphic kit, perfect for use with modern DSLR's and large chip camcorders.  Kit includes: · Anamorphic Lens: Moller Anamorphot 32/2x, very small in size and very sharp optics, comparable to Kowa 8z. Produces very nice cold blue to purple flares. Lens elements are in excellent condition, no lens separation, no scratches, and vary little internal dust. There is a slight amount of haze located directly behind the front element, but it is negligible and has absolutely no effect on image quality.  · Taking Lens: The coveted Helios 44M M42 mount (single coated), most people would recommend this little gem of a lens for anamorphic work. Lens is in excellent condition, smooth focus, absolutely no scratches or blemishes, has one or two tiny dust particles which have no effect. · Anamorphic Clamp: One of the limited editions from Redstan, initially designed for Sankor/Singer/Proskar anamorphics with close tolerance fit. I've found it perfect for this as well.  - Also included is a plastic case for storing the lens when not in use. It has certainly seen better days, but it still functions perfectly.  Photographs showing the quality of the lens and all other included kit items are displayed here: http://s1121.photobucket.com/user/Judgemckarthy/library/Anamorphic%20Kit?page=1                                                                 - The asking price is $600 USD, but I am willing to negotiate. If you are interested, PM or email me at tetrafilmshd@hotmail.com.  Feel free to ask any relevant questions you might have, I check my messages constantly and will get back to you as soon as I can.   
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